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Selecting Plants Using Elements of Design

Step 1

Step 2

# Plant type Ht. x Width Texture Form Seasonal Interest
1 Deciduous Tree 20' x 12' Med-Fine Vase Spring Flowers
2 Deciduous Shrub 6' x 6' Med-Coarse Round Red Fall Foliage
3 Evergreen Shrub 4' x 6' Med Mound Evergreen Foliage
4 Dec. Shrub 3' x 5' Fine Mound Summer Red Flower
5 Herb Groundcover 12' x 12' Med Spreading Variegated Foliage

Step 3

1. Snowcloud Shadblow Amelanchier canadensis
2. Baily Compact
American Cranberry Bush
Viburnum trilobum
'Bailey Compact'
3. Taunton Yew Taxus media 'Tauntonii'
4. Dwarf Red Flowering Spirea
Spiraea x bumalda 'Coccinea'
5. Snow-on-the-Mountain
Aegopodium podagraria 'Variegatum'

Adapted from
Landscaping Your Home
WM R. Nelson
Ch. 8, pp. 106-107

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