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Wild Grape (Riverbank Grape)

Vitis riparia Michx.

  • Image: broadleaf Plantain
  • Image: broadleaf Plantain
  • Image: broadleaf Plantain

Found in:

  • Rich, fertile soils of woodlands, along fences, around homes, and along streams and lakeshores
  • Full sun to light shade


  • Perennial woody vine up to 50’ long with tendrils
  • Climbs trees, shrubs, or fence rows; will sprawl in open areas
  • Woody stems branch occasionally; older stems are covered with shaggy bark
  • Smaller non-woody stems are green or red, and hairless
  • Leaves are up to 6" long and 4" across; margins are coarsely toothed; underside of leaf is slightly hairy, upper surface is smooth
  • Small greenish-white or greenish-yellow fragrant flowers have 5 tiny petals
  • Fruit is a cluster of round, juicy, very sour, dark blue berries that ripen Sept. - Oct.
  • Central taproot branches occasionally


  • Can overtake and “smother” the plant it climbs over
  • Fruit is edible

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