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Garlic > Leaves > Distorted leaves

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  • Image: Onion Yellow Dwarf Virus 1
  • Image: Onion Yellow Dwarf Virus 2

Onion yellow dwarf virus

  • Leaves are crinkled, flattened and fall over
  • First see yellow streaks at the base of young leaves
  • Eventually all leaves show yellow streaking to complete yellowing
  • Bulbs fail to form if plants are infected when young or are firm but small when infected later in the season
  • Disease spread by the green peach aphid
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  • Image: Stem and Bulb Nematode 1

Stem and bulb nematode
Ditylenchus dipsaci

  • Plants appear distorted
  • Plants are stunted with shortened and thickened leaves
  • Base of stem (neck) of plant is soft, eventually wilts
  • Bulbs are often desiccated and light weight, secondary rot organisms like soft rot may invade and rot the bulb
  • More information on Stem and Bulb Nematode ...

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