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Carrot > Root > Holes in root

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  • Image: Wireworms 1
  • Image: Wireworms 2

Agriotus spp., Melanotus spp.

  • Tunneling and holes in roots
  • Larvae are thin, shiny, jointed, yellow to reddish-brown color, and approximately 1/4 to 1 ½ inch long
  • More common in gardens that were previously in grass or sod
  • Larvae can be found throughout the growing season
  • Leaves show no damage
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  • Image: Carrot Weevil  1
  • Image: Carrot Weevil  2
  • Image: Carrot Weevil 3

Carrot weevil
Listronotus oregonensis

  • Tunneling and holes in carrot roots
  • Small, circular, dark egg laying scars on leaf petiole
  • Feeding may cause leaves to wilt
  • Larvae are legless, cream colored, C-shaped grubs, up to 1/3 inch long
  • Adults are dark-brown, less than 1/4 inch long, and have a snout
  • Present throughout the growing season
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  • Image: Rodent 1
  • Image: Rodent 2


  • Irregular or smooth holes chewed in carrot root
  • “Pieces” of carrot may be missing

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