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Carrot > Leaves > Brown to black leaves

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  • Image: White Mold 1
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White mold
Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

  • Leaves are dark brown and covered in fluffy white fungal growth in humid conditions
  • Infected roots may first appear healthy but quickly turn gray
  • Cottony white fungal growth develops on root
  • Hard black round to oblong sclerotia form in white fungal growth
  • Roots quickly become soft and watery
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  • Image: Alternaria Leaf Blight 1
  • Image: Alternaria Leaf Blight 2

Alternaria leaf blight
Alternaria dauci

  • Leaflet margins and tips turn dark brown to black with a yellow halo
  • Lesions first evident on the lower, older leaflets
  • Many lesions growing together result in black, shriveled dead leaves
  • Large lesions can also develop on the petioles and may girdle and kill the leaves
  • Roots are not directly infected, but may be small due to severe leaf damage
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