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Grape > Fruit > Fruit skin split/broken

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  • Image: Grape Berry Moth 1
  • Image: Grape Berry Moth 2
  • Image: Grape Berry Moth 3

Grape Berry Moth

  • Larva feeding results in the fruit having a hole that appears “ripped”, with the berry eventually drying out
  • Dark tunnels may be apparent from larvae feeding just below the skin
  • Larvae present from June through August
  • Larvae feed on stems, blossom buds, and berries
  • Late instars are green to purple in color, and are 1/3 inch in length when fully grown
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  • Image: Powdery Mildew 1
  • Image: Powdery Mildew 2
  • Image: Powdery Mildew 3

Powdery Mildew
Uncinula necator

  • Berries may be misshapen, covered by the white, powdery growth and often split open
  • Infected berries have a rusty spots; red varieties develop a blotchy appearance at harvest
  • Upper leaf surface develops white or grayish-white patches
  • Can be more prevalent in drier conditions
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  • Image: Bird Damage 1

Bird Damage

  • Birds cause angular punctures to berries; berry eventually develop depressions
  • Birds either remove the entire berry or peck and damage the berry surface
  • Many clusters can be destroyed in one day
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  • Image: Physiological Disorder 1
  • Image: Physiological Disorder 2

Physiological Disorder

  • Berry may have a “sunken in” appearance with juice seeping out of berry; no other apparent damage
  • Berry appears to have “burst” open; no other apparent damage
  • Common when water levels vary from irrigation or drought followed by rain

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