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Extension > Garden > Diagnose a problem > What's wrong with my plant? > Fruit > Grape > Unusually small fruit and fruit clusters

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Grape > Fruit > Unusually small fruit and fruit clusters

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  • Image: Poor Pollination 1

Poor Pollination

  • Grape cluster will be appear sparse
  • Cooler than normal weather before and during grape bloom can lead to poor pollination
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  • Image: Tobacco Ringspot Virus 1

Tomato/Tobacco Ringspot Virus Decline

  • Fruit clusters are sparse with uneven ripening
  • Leaves exhibit a random pattern of yellows and greens or leaf yellowing in first year of infection
  • Smaller leaves, shorter internodes, and reduced yield are evident in second year
  • Growth is severely stunted in the third year
  • More information on Tomato/Tobacco Ringspot Virus Decline...

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