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Larch / Tamarack > Fungi on trunk or base of tree

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  • Image: Tomentosus root rot 1
  • Image: Tomentosus root rot 2
  • Image: Tomentosus root rot 3

Tomentosus root rot
Onnia tomentosa

  • Heartwood of infected roots and trunks is initially reddish brown
  • As infection continues white pocket rot develops; decayed wood has elongated pockets or pits, and may appear honeycomb-like in cross section
  • Infected trees have reduced growth and thin canopies, produce large amounts of cones and eventually die
  • Infected trees frequently break or lodge during storms
  • Mushrooms that are velvety brown above and porous and buff colored below appear around the base of the tree in late summer
  • More information on Tomentosus root rot...

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