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Fir > Shoots/Branch tips > Wilted shoots

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  • Frost injury 1
  • Frost injury 2
  • Frost injury 3

Frost injury

  • New shoots fall over and wilt after a spring frost
  • Older branches remain green and healthy
  • Dead shoot may remain attached all summer; new shoots may grow next to them
  • More information on Frost injury...
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  • Growth regulator herbicide damage 1
  • Growth regulator herbicide damage 2
  • Growth regulator herbicide damage 3

Growth regulator herbicide damage
(e.g. 2,4D or MCPP)

  • Shoots may wilt or curl
  • Needles stunted, twisted or misshapen but remain green
  • If damage is severe, needles turn brown and fall off, branches may die
  • Symptoms occur a few days to several weeks after herbicide application
  • Dead or dying weeds expressing similar symptoms may be present nearby
  • More information on Growth regulator herbicide damage...
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  • Pine spittlebug 1
  • Pine spittlebug 2
  • Pine spittlebug 3

Pine spittlebug
Aphrophora parallela

  • White foamy mass on twigs and needles May to early June
  • Look within for small (up to ¼ inch), black and pale yellow nymphs
  • Heavy infestations can flag and discolor shoots
  • More information on Pine spittlebug...

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