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> Foliage turns brown from tip of twig down

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Arborvitae > Foliage > Foliage turns brown from tip of twig down

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  • Image: Winter Injury 1
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Winter injury

  • Foliage turns brown in late winter-early spring
  • Foliage turn brown from the tip down, base often remains green
  • Foliage at the tip of the branch are more severely discolored than those close to the trunk
  • Damage often only on one side of the tree
  • Common on trees exposed to wind and sun or light reflecting off buildings
  • Damage most severe at the top of the tree, branches covered by snow are unaffected
  • More information on Winter injury...
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  • Image: Black Rot 1
  • Image: Black Rot 2

De-icing salts

  • Foliage brown from the tips down
  • Affected foliage more common on side of tree facing the source of salt
  • Premature foliage drop
  • Buds or emerging foliage may be killed
  • Reduced growth with prolonged contact
  • More information on De-icing salt injury...
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  • Image: Fire Blight 1
  • Image: Fire Blight 2
  • Image: Fire Blight 3

Pestalotiopsis blight
Pestalotiopsis funerea

  • Foliage on tips of branches turns first yellow then dark brown
  • Small twigs may be killed
  • Black pinpoint sized spore producing structures on infected twigs and foliage
  • Common on plants stressed by winter injury, drought or other factors
  • Often most severe on lower branches of the tree
  • More information on Pestalotiopsis twig blight...

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