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Oak > Leaves > Small twigs with green leaves on the ground

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  • Image: Gray squirrels 1
  • Image: Gray squirrels 2

Gray squirrels

  • Whole leaf sections are removed from branches and dropped to ground
  • Unusual numbers of complete, green leaves laying beneath the tree
  • Damage usually occurs in late spring, early summer
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  • Image: Twig girdler 1
  • Image: Twig girdler 2
  • Image: Twig girdler 3

Twig girdler
Oncideres cingulata

  • Small branches on ground; outer half is smooth while center is rough from where it has broken off
  • Dead twigs may be scattered in canopy
  • Adult is about 9/16 inch long, grayish brown with scattered yellow spots, with antenna as long as its body
  • Damage seen in August and September
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