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Apples > Branch > Webbing on branch

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  • Image: Eastern Tent Caterpillar 1
  • Image: Eastern Tent Caterpillar 2
  • Image: Eastern Tent Caterpillar 3

Eastern Tent Caterpillar
Malacosoma americanum

  • A web or "tent" is found in the fork of the branches
  • Larvae feed on leaves, which can cause defoliation
  • Larvae are hairy with blue, black, and orange markings, and a white stripe down the back
  • Larvae are found May to June
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  • Image: Fall Webworm 1
  • Image: Fall Webworm 2
  • Image: Fall Webworm 3

Fall Webworm
Hyphantria cunea

  • Produces silken webbing that covers the ends of branches
  • Chews entire sections of leaves, leaving major veins
  • Yellowish or greenish with long, fine white hairs with two rows of black spots down its back
  • Occurs from late July through September

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