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Daylily > Spots on leaves

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  • Image: leaf streak 1
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Leaf Streak
Collecephalus hemerocalli

  • Starts out as tan to brown oval-shaped spots surrounded by a yellow halo
  • Spots grow into long brown streaks, often with broad yellow borders
  • Severely infected leaves may turn completely brown and dry up
  • Severely infected plants may produce fewer flowers
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  • Image: Daylily Rust 1
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Daylily Rust
Puccinia hemerocallidis

  • Bright orange or yellow raised blister-like spots on leaves
  • Powdery orange spores easily rub off leaf spots and can be seen on a white tissue
  • Leaf tissue around leaf spots may grow into long yellow or brown streaks
  • In severely infected plants, leaf spots may grow into long yellow or brown streaks, leaves may turn brown and dry up
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  • Image: southern blight 1
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Southern Blight
Sclerotium rolfsii

  • Leaves turn yellow then brown from the edges inward and wilt
  • The base of the stem may be brown or discolored
  • Tiny tan to reddish brown hard spheres and white cottony growth can be seen at the base of infected leaves or in the soil around infected plants
  • Often seen after warm, wet weather
  • More information on Southern Blight...

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