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Applied Research and evaluation

Spectrum of Prevention

How are your programs making a difference? Organizational initiatives and programs take many forms and target different levels of the community. This website will identify where your efforts are being targeted. Use the resources on this site to shape and improve the evaluation of your initiative or program.

About the Spectrum of Prevention

Learn more about the Spectrum of Prevention and how it can inform your work.

Informing Policy Change

Policy change measures how policies are created, sustained, or altered.

Changing Organizational Practices

Changing organizational practices means adopting regulations, policies and practices that affect an organization's ability to provide a positive environment.

Fostering Coalitions and Networks

Fostering coalitions and networks refers to collaborations, networks, coalitions, or working groups that meet to advance an issue.

Educating Providers

Educating Providers means delivering information to providers who transmit health and nutrition skills and knowledge to others.

Promoting Community Education

Promoting Community Education reaches groups of people with information and resources to promote health and safety.

Strengthening Individual Knowledge and Skill

Strengthening individual knowledge and skills enhances an individual's capacity to promote change.


RE-AIM is a framework used in improving and making evidence-based initiatives sustainable in communities.

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