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Investing and Retirement

A vast majority of workers are financially unprepared for retirement. You may have put off investing as a young worker because retirement seemed like such a long time away. As we get older, life often catches up to us! Maybe you wanted to invest more but by the time you paid for housing, medical care, etc., there wasn't much left to invest. Or perhaps you were one of the many families who had investments and retirement funds virtually disappear with the economy.

No matter your situation, it's never too early (or late) to make plans for your future financial security. The following resources will help you put your money to work for you, to better meet your mid- and long-term goals.

Across Generations: Dealing with Life Transitions — Advice on how to evaluate, set goals and share your plans with others.

Planning Ahead for Retirement — Guides you in developing a retirement plan that takes into account the financial, emotional, and social aspects of your life.

Financial Security in Retirement (122 K PDF) — Minnesota Department of Commerce and University of Minnesota Extension — This Financial Literacy Guide gives reviews how planning and using the right resources and tools can help ensure that you are financially secure in retirement.

Related Resources

Making the Most of What You Have — Look at your total financial picture and determine which assets you might use to meet family obligations.

Dollar Works 2 — Teach others how to manage their personal finances and make sound decisions about money. This comprehensive curriculum has a unit on Saving and Investing.

Planning for a Secure RetirementPurdue University — Online module to help you plan for retirement.

AARP Retirement PlanningAARP — Provides retirement strategies, and lifestyle tips, news, and other educational information for seniors.

When To Start Receiving Retirement BenefitsUnited States Social Security Administration — Outlines things to consider before making the decision to retire.

Minnesota Board on Aging — Gateway to services for Minnesota seniors and their families.

United States Social Security Administration — Find out about available benefits, estimate future benefits, view your Social Security statement, and more.

Administration of AgingUnited States Department of Health and Human Services — Find local programs, check for benefits, find helpful resources, and more.

Additional Online Resources

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