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RentWise Curriculum

family outside rentalAre you a human service provider, landlord, volunteer, or teacher looking to educate individuals on being a successful renter? If so, then the RentWise curriculum is for you!

About the Curriculum

RentWise is a comprehensive curriculum that is intended to be taught in one-on-one or group settings to individuals who would benefit from additional education and skills to become a successful renter. This may include, but is not limited to:

The curriculum is now
available for $50


While the entire RentWise education is six hours in length, you can pick and choose the right activities and resources to customize the education for your organization’s audiences.

The curriculum takes an active-learning approach and stresses renter responsibility.

Participants in the RentWise program will better understand the benefits of a cooperative relationship with the property manager and learn how to find adequate, safe, affordable housing. They will also receive resources to help them maintain records and remember key steps to maintaining their unit and a collaborative relationship with their landlord and neighbors. Participants who complete the complete six hour RentWise education will:

What is included in the curriculum?

The RentWise curriculum is divided into three units:

All of the resources are web-based. Purchasing the curriculum means purchasing access to the RentWise Facilitator Website. This website is a “one stop shop” and contains all of the resources you need to teach the program, including the:

If you enter the evaluation information into the RentWise reporting system, you will also be able to download customizable certificates of completion for your participants.

Access the RentWise curriculum for free by attending a RentWise Train-the Trainer Workshop.

Related resources

RentWise Train-the-Trainer Workshop — Attend this training to be able to maximize the RentWise curriculum with your audiences.

RentWise Training for Latino Families — Partner with us to provide one-on-one or group training to the Latino families your organization works with.

Renter 101 Online Course — Access this free online course to learn how to better navigate the rental process. Take-and-teach resources are included for organizations to adapt the course to an in-person setting.

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