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Financial Educator Certificate Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this course cost?

This course is $250.

How do I register for the course?

Registration is currently closed. The next course starts September 2018, with registration opening May 2018.

How long will I have access to the course?

For the 2017-18 cohort, the online course site is available between September 11, 2017 and April 15, 2018. Dates have not yet been determined for the 2018-19 course.

Do I need to complete the course all at once?

You can go in and out of the course as often as you like. Since this is an online course, it can be completed at your own pace within the parameters of the course. (See the next question for more information.) Be sure to keep record of the internet ID and password you set when you register. Also, it may be helpful to link to the FEC Orientation Module so you can easily access it again in the future.

How much time can I expect to spend on this course?

The time spent on the course will vary by individual. The exact time needed to complete the course will vary depending on your current knowledge and the amount of time spent doing additional readings and activities. A new course module will begin every two to three weeks, which you would be expected to spend five to six hours working on the related course work. A capstone project is to be completed during the last month of the course (March 19 through April 15 for the 2017-18 course). For more information on the course modules, visit Course Modules.

Can I receive documentation for the time spent in the course?

Yes! You will a certificate upon the successful completion of all requirements of the program, including completion of all assignments, active participation in online discussions and chats, and achievement of at least 80 percent on each of the Check Your Knowledge quizzes.

Help! I'm having problems registering for the course.

If you are having problems registering for the course, Contact us.

Help! I’ve never participated in an online course before.

Moodle, the courseware used for this course, is easy to use. Once you get into the course, everything should be self-explanatory. If you want more information on Moodle, watch the video "Getting Started with Moodle" or see the online user guide information that is available. These links will always be available from within the course in the left navigation bar. If you have a question about Moodle that the video and the user guide don't answer, send an email to

Online courses are not for everyone. You need a reliable computer, specific software, and internet access. It also helps if you are comfortable with computers and navigating websites. Since this is a free course, it may be a great opportunity to explore if online learning is right for you!

Help! I’ve registered for the course but I can’t remember how to get into (or back into) the course.

You will receive an email with a course link and log in information before the start of the course, and again at the start of each new course module. The first time you access a new course module, save it in your internet browser favorites. Or you can click this link: FEC Orientation Module. If you still need assistance finding a specific module link, Contact us.

Help! I’ve registered for the course but when I try to log in I keep getting an error message about my internet ID and/or password or it asks for a self-enrollment key.

Double check that you are using the right internet ID and/or password. See the next question if you can’t remember your internet ID and/or password.

If you are confident that it is correct and your error message talks about your password “not being strong enough” proceed with trying to enter it anyway. If you’ve entered it and it seems to stop you from proceeding, Contact us.

Help! I’ve registered for the course but I can’t remember my internet ID and/or password.

If you have an x500 internet ID, given to University staff and students, you would have used this internet ID for your course. If you do have an x500 internet ID, you would have used your complete email address (including the @XXX) as your internet ID.

To retrieve your password, Contact us.

Help! I’m having problems within the course itself.

If you are having problems with the general course platform, Moodle, watch the online orientation video or see the online user guide information. These links are also available within the course, in the left navigation bar.

If you are having problems, getting a specific element of the course (presentation, link, assessment, etc.) to work, double check that you are using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to enter and view the course. If you are not, this is the problem! Download one of these web browsers and use it every time you enter for best usability.

If you are having problems and/or questions with specific content contained in the course, Contact us.

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