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Children do best in all areas of their lives when they have a warm, caring and encouraging environment in their home and at school. The following resources can help you get started with strengthening your parent-child and parent-school relationships.

Encouraging Respectful Behavior — Parents and caregivers can do many things to encourage respectful behavior in a child.

Listening Skills — Reviews why listening to your child is important and how it acts as discipline tool.

Monitoring Tips — A strategy that is effective in preventing problem behavior is parental monitoring.

Dealing with a Child’s Anger — Just as children have a right to be happy, sad, lonely, or bored, they also have the right to feel angry.

Dealing with Your Own Anger — Anger is a normal reaction. It's also an emotion many parents don't know how to deal with when it comes to their children.

Working With Your Child's School — Recommended practices for you to use with your son or daughter’s school, to help them be successful. English | español

Other Recommended Resources

Research: Relationships — Research summary for professionals on how to enhance student's performance through positive relationships.

Making Family Mealtime a Tradition Online Course — Short, free online course to learn about the benefits of eating meals together as a family.

The Importance of Family Mealtimes — Learn the benefits of serving family meals and find resources for getting started.

School Violence — Resources for helping children recover from school shootings.

Parent Teacher Conference Tips SheetsHarvard Family Research Project — Quick tips on parents teacher conferences. English | español

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