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Child Care Resources

How children spend their early years of life can greatly impact their readiness for school. You may be assessing whether staying home with your children or placing them in day care is a better option for your family. If you need to place your children in child care, it's important to know what to expect and how to make it work for your family. The following resources will help you get started.

Employed Parenthood: Do I Have a Choice? — To work or not to work is one of the biggest questions you and your family needs to answer when you have children.

Finding Child Care: Questions to Ask — The first steps in selecting child care are to determine your needs and a list of potential providers.

Child Care: What to Look For — Questions to ask when you place your child in the care of someone else. Available in Spanish and Somali.

Developmentally Appropriate Care: What Does It Mean? — While there is no one right way to care for children, there are guidelines that focus on how a child develops and the care that is appropriate at various stages.

Quality Child Care: How Do I Know It When I See It? — Finding out about all the options open to you is only the first step in selecting child care.

Understanding Child Care Contracts and Rules — Knowing the ground rules is important to a successful relationship with a child care provider.

Preparing Children for Child Care — Entering a new child care home or center is a common new experience for many children.

Child Care: Raising Children Together — Good child care provides parents with an extended family to help share in the challenges and joys of raising children.

The Parent-Provider Partnership — Understanding yourself and your expectations of your provider can help you build a positive partnership and reduce anxiety.

Communicating With Your Provider — Good communication is the key to a positive child care experience for you, your child and your child care provider.

Child Care Food: What Will My Child Eat — Your child will also learn, think, play, and work with others better if they are eating right.

Child Care Dilemmas: What Do I Do When... — No matter how good you feel about the child care that you have selected for your child, you still need to plan for certain situations.

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The Cost of Raising Children — Summary of how much of a family's yearly income is spent on the children, how it is affected by the number of children, and more.

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