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What is Parents Forever™ ?

Our courses help families in transition

Parents Forever™ is an educational program developed by the University of Minnesota Extension, based on research about the effects of divorce on children.

Minnesota Statute 518.157 requires judges to court order parents with contested custody and visitation issues into an approved parent education program. Parents Forever™, including the online course, is an approved program, meeting all 25 minimum standards set by the statute.

What does the research say about divorce?

Research shows that less than 50% of children can expect to live with their biological parents throughout their childhood. Children who experience family disruption often:

The effects of divorce on children can be reduced if parents:

How does Parents Forever™ help minimize the effects of divorce?

When parents attend the complete Parents Forever™ class series, they learn valuable skills and tools that will help reduce the effects of divorce on children and themselves. They will learn how to:

See Classes for Parents or the Parents Forever™ Educational Offerings for Parents (53 K PDF) flyer for more information on Parents Forever™ classes.

For more information about the research, see Does Parents Forever™ Work?

If more information on this program is needed, Contact Us.

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