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For Professionals

Frequently Asked Questions by Professionals

Do I need to be licensed to use the Parents Forever™ curriculum?

We do not require licensing to use the Parents Forever™ materials. Purchasing the curriculum and getting trained gives you the rights to teach the program in your community. There are certain rules around the use of the Parents Forever™ name and materials that you must abide by in order to use the materials. (We are in the process of creating additional resources for guidance in this area. If you have questions, contact Heather Lee at or 612-626-6602).

Do I need to be trained to offer Parents Forever™ classes?

Yes, you will need to take the online or in-person training to teach the court-approved class in your community. See Get Trained to Teach Parents Forever™.

Do I need to work with my local court(s) to establish and/or run a Parents Forever™ program?

It is in your benefit to work closely with your local court(s). They will be able to help make referrals to your program. By staying connected to your local court(s) you will also ensure that your program is acceptable to them for meeting the court order.

Do I need to get Minnesota Supreme Court approval for our local Parents Forever™ program?

The Parents Forever™ program is already approved by the Minnesota Supreme Court. If you use the curriculum as it is and ensure that your program meets all 25 minimum standards and is at least 8 hours long, you do not need to contact the Supreme Court.

Do we need to teach Parents Forever™ in a female/male team?

While teaching in a female/male team is not required, it is recommended. Parents benefit from the presence and perspective of having both women and men as instructors. If you can’t have a female/male team for all of your sessions, try to have a balance of male and female presenters throughout the class.

Does our program need to teach all topics?

In Minnesota, in order to meet the minimum standards required by Statute 518.157, you will need to teach the whole curriculum. The educator materials will give you a teaching outline that indicates the topics that are mandated if you need to shorten the presentation.

I keep hearing about the “minimum standards.” What does that mean for my local program?

When the Parent Education legislation went into effect, there were “standards” identified that needed to be in all approved programs. Parents Forever™ meets all 25 of the minimum standards. See more about the minimum standards.

I know that Parents Forever™ is now offered to parents through an online course. Will that curb our local program’s chances of success?

We started to offer the Parents Forever™: Online Course for Parents to better meet the needs of parents in Minnesota. While there are many vibrant, local in-person programs offered in the state, the reality is that many programs only offer classes a couple of times a year. Also, given the size of some Minnesota counties, some parents need to travel hours just to attend in-person trainings. Our hope is that by offering an online version of the course, parents who historically have had a hard time getting their required classes completed now have another option to do so. In-person programs can view the online course as an alternative for those parents that need a class when no in-person class is being offered. As online courses are not appropriate for all people, we do not see the online course as replacing the value of the in-person course. We will continue to encourage parents to both options on our website.

How do we get our local Parents Forever™ program’s information listed on the Parents Forever™ website?

We currently list information on local program in Minnesota on our Find an Upcoming In-Person Class web page. If you would like to add or revise the contact information for your state or add information about your upcoming classes, send an email to

I want to offer the Parents Forever™ program in a state other than Minnesota. Does Parents Forever™ meet the requirements of my state?

In general, Minnesota has some of the most stringent standards in terms of key topics to be taught and hours of education to be required. Because Parents Forever™ has been tailored to meet these high standards, it often meets the divorce education requirements of other states. Parents Forever™ is currently being taught in several states besides Minnesota. To ensure that Parents Forever™ meets your state’s requirements, check with your state’s Supreme Court. If they are not familiar with Parents Forever™ , share the minimum standards that are covered in our program and mention that our program is designed to be taught in a minimum of 8 hours of education.

What materials need to be provided to parents?

There are five Parents Forever™ Parent Handbooks that parents should be provided with during your Parents Forever™ class series. See the Products Order Form to order the Parent Handbooks and other Parents Forever™ resources.

I bought one set of Parents Forever™ Parent Handbooks. Can’t I just make copies for the parents in my class?

All Parents Forever™ resources, including the Parents Forever™ Parent Handbooks, are copyrighted by the Regents of the University of Minnesota. The Parent Handbooks are intended as long-term resources for parents – resources that they utilize and refer to again and again over the upcoming years of the family transition process. Photocopies are often not a consistent quality and, compared with a nice printed book, are usually not something most people hang onto for long periods. For these reasons, we do not allow anyone to photocopy handbooks; copies must be purchased. See the Products Order Form to order the Parent Handbooks and other Parents Forever™ resources.

What should we charge for our local Parents Forever™ class?

The fee for parents will depend on your own situation and costs that you incur in the delivery of the program. In-person Parents Forever™ programs in Minnesota vary from $25 to $105, with the average fee being $60. Our Parents Forever™: Online Course for Parents is being offered for $89. In-person programs must offer scholarships or sliding fee scales and waive fees when IFPs are involved. (An IFP is a court process which waives the fees for court related procedures.)

I’ve been trained to teach Parents Forever™. How do I stay connected to new developments with the program?

As new and revised resources become available, we will feature them on the Parents Forever™ website. Check the site regularly to see updates. Also, we maintain a listserv for Parents Forever™ coordinators. In addition to posting updates on our website, we send email updates to this listserv. To join the listserv, contact

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