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Does Parents Forever™ Work?

Parents Forever™ is a comprehensive educational program that has proven to be successful in supporting families going through divorce and separation.

Parents Forever™ is Research-Based

It builds upon research conducted by the University of Minnesota and other leading researchers. While it has been around for over 15 years, Parents Forever™ program materials have received frequent updates through the years to keep pace with the changing nature of today's families.

Parents Forever™ has been evaluated to ensure it meets program objectives. See related research articles:

Parents Forever™ Classes Are Led by Trained Professionals

University of Minnesota Extension educators have trained professionals throughout the state of Minnesota on how to teach and be successful with Parents Forever™. Parents can attend in-person classes knowing that their trainers are trained to help them and that they will be treated with respect.

Parents Forever™ is Parent Approved

Here are the types of feedback we regularly receive from program participants:

Parents Forever™ is Court Approved

Minnesota Statute 518.157 requires judges to court order parents with contested custody and visitation issues into an approved parent education program. Parents Forever™ , including the online course, is an approved program, meeting all 25 minimum standards set by the statute.

Even judges have noticed Parents Forever™ making a difference. Honorable Bruce W. Christopherson, district court justice in Minnesota's Eighth Judicial District, has said: “Although I sparingly cast support for programs, I enthusiastically strike the gong for Parents Forever.”

As a result of the program, Judge Christopherson has observed:

Parents Forever™ was listed by the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts in their publication, Exemplary Family Court Programs and Practices (May 2005).

Parents Forever™ is Approved by Those Who Work with Parents

Here are the types of feedback we receive from those who work closest with divorcing and separating families:

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