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What's normal for teen development?

teens jumpingThese fact sheet discuss biological and physical changes, social and emotional changes, teen brain development, and more. We also provide tips on what parents can do to help their teen through these changes.

What's Teen development All About? — Find out what development tasks teens must accomplish during these years.

Biological and Physical Changes — Get a summary of the many changes happening in teens’ bodies.

Social and Emotional Changes — Understand two important developmental tasks teen undertake during this time.

Teen brain development — Learn about why your teenager may have trouble making plans, strategizing smart choices, and making good judgments

Changes in Thinking — Find out how your teen’s cognitive processes are changing.

Identity: Figuring Out Who You Are — Learn how teens work out who they are.

Becoming Independent — Learn what it means for teens to become more autonomous.

More Information on Teen development — Continue your research into the teen experience with these additional resources.

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