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college kids drinking at football game

Seminar for Parents: Alcohol Use on Campus

University of Minnesota Extension has collaborated with the University of Minnesota Parent Program and the Department of Family Social Science to develop an online course for parents that addresses the risks associated with binge drinking during the college years.

It provides statistics, tips for talking about alcohol, comments from parents and college students, and a list of available resources.

Studies show that while parents cannot monitor their students' actions daily, they do continue to influence the way students conduct themselves during the college years. Students who perceive that their parents know what they are doing are less likely to engage in behaviors they know their parents disapprove of.

About the Course

Who: Any parent of a college student or soon-to-be college student.

Why: Even if your student does not drink, he/she will be interacting with students who do, and will have to make decisions about drinking. Although you probably have been talking with your student about alcohol, the college environment related to alcohol is different, and the messages that you have been giving need to be adjusted to meet the needs and questions of a college-aged student.

What: An online course you can take at your own convenience and resources you can use when you need them.

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