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Children's Mental Health eReview

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The Children’s Mental Health eReview is CYFC’s free and accessible online publication that integrates research and practice expertise to improve services and promote children’s mental health. Each eReview issue focuses on a topic relevant to the needs of children and families, and features research-driven articles from University and community professionals. Authors representing diverse perspectives and fields of practice offer ideas for using the research in specific settings.

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Current eReview Issue

cover of eReviewMental Health of Transgender Youth:The Role of Family, School, and Community in Promoting Resilience (PDF)
Authors: Jenifer K. McGuire, Ph.D., MPH, Derek Mahan, Vanessa Lacey, B.A., Mary Clark Hoelscher, Ph.D.
Summary: Learn about terminology and statistics related to transgender youth, their experiences, strengths and struggles, and ways to support them in our families, schools, healthcare settings and communities.

Read a summary of this issue (PDF).

Explore the Transgender Toolkit for to find terminology, videos, recent research, resources for schools, and links to community organizations.

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Past eReview Issues

cover of eReviewFalling Behind: Understanding the Educational Disparities Faced by Immigrant Latino Students in the U.S. (PDF)
Authors: Silvia Alvarez de Davila, Ph.D.; Cari Michaels, MPH.; Monica Hurtado; Mitch Roldan; Isabel Duran-Graybow
Summary: Learn about the unique challenges facing Latino students that contribute to education disparities.

cover of eReviewChildren in Common: Ensuring the Emotional Wellbeing of Children When Parenting Apart (PDF)
Authors: Ellie M. McCann, M.S.; Kjersti Olson, Ph.D.; Eugene L. Hall, Ph.D. Student; Maisha Giles, LMFT, LICSW; Stephen L. Onell, MS, LISW; Rose McCullough
Summary: Understand how parents can promote their children’s emotional well-being when parenting apart, and learn about successful parent education programs.

cover of eReviewParents and Stress: Understanding Experiences, Context and Responses (PDF)
Authors: Sarah Cronin, M.A.; Emily H Becher, Ph.D.; Kris Schmiesing Christians, M.S., CCC; Mary Maher, MSW, LPE; Stephanie Dibb, MSW, LGSW
Summary: Explore the types of stress parents can experience and the role that economic hardship plays in families’ lives.

cover of eReviewChildren with Incarcerated Parents: Considering Children’s Outcomes in the Context of Complex Family Experiences (PDF)
Authors: Rebecca J. Shlafer, Ph.D.; Erica Gerrity, LISCW; Ebony Ruhland; Marc Wheeler
Summary: Examine the needs of children with incarcerated parents and how professionals can strengthen families facing incarceration.

cover of eReviewRisk and Resilience in Homeless Children (PDF)
Authors: Amy R. Monn; Erin C. Casey; Amanda J. Wenzel; Julianna K. Sapienza; Angie Kimball; Brownell Mack III, PsyD, LP; Elizabeth Hinz
Summary: Understand the unique risk factors faced by homeless youth and learn how resilience can play a role in recovery from adversity.

cover of eReviewHow Trauma ‘Gets Under the Skin’: Biological and Cognitive Processes of Child Maltreatment (PDF)
Authors: Adrienne VanZomeren-Dohm; Rowena Ng; Kamyala Howard, MSW, LGSW; Molly Kenney, MSW, LICSW; Lynda Ritchmeier Cyr, Ph.D., LP; Jessica Gourneau, Ph.D.
Summary: Learn about how early childhood trauma can affect biological functioning and brain development in children.

cover of eReviewThe Impact of Trauma on Infants (PDF)
Authors: Cari Michaels, MPH; Mary Jo Avendaño, PsyD, LMFT, LPC, LSW; Carol F. Siegel, Ph. D., LP
Summary: Examine the effects of early childhood trauma on infants and the critical ways to respond to early childhood  trauma to promote well-being.

cover of eReviewCreating Trauma-Informed System of Child Welfare (PDF)
Authors: Charles Wilson, MSSW; Lisa Conradi, PsyD; Erika Tullberg, MPA, MPH; Erin Sullivan Sutton, JD; Christeen Borsheim, MPA
Summary: Explore systems-level changes that can help improve communication and service delivery in child welfare systems and reduce trauma experienced by children.

cover of eReviewHistorical Trauma and Microaggressions: A Framework for Culturally-Based Practice (PDF)
Authors: Cari Michaels, MPH; Rudy Rousseau; Meq., LP; Youa Yang, MSW, LICSW; Don Eubanks
Summary: Learn about the impact of historical trauma and microaggressions on American Indian and Alaska Native children and families across generations.

cover of eReviewWhat is Trauma and Why is it Important? (PDF)
Authors: Cari Michaels, MPH; Christeen Borsheim; Sue Lohrbach, M.S., LICSW
Summary: Explore definitions of trauma, short- and long-term consequences of childhood trauma, and the ways in which child welfare systems can respond appropriately and effectively to the children and families they serve.

cover of eReviewAttachment Relationships and Adoption Outcomes (PDF)
Authors: Miriam Steele, Ph.D.; Carolyn Smith, MSW; Renita Wilson, MSW, LICSW; Wendylee Raun, M.A.
Summary: Understand how attachment relationships develop in the context of adoption, and the effects of attachment styles on later development.

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