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Children's Mental Health Case studies

About Steven: A Children’s Mental Health Case Study About Depression


The About Steven case study is an interactive, web-based tool to train people to respond effectively to a child’s growing mental health needs. The case study focuses on a young Caucasian family and their son Steven from his infancy through adolescence

By completing the About Steven case study, participants will:

This case includes eleven sections, each with case story content, questions, critical learning components, and links to research.

This case study has been incorporated into courses and trainings related to child welfare, education, nursing, psychology, public health, social work, psychiatry, medicine, and other disciplines.

What Others Are Saying

Evaluation data has been collected from instructors, trainers, and users for the past ten years.

Feedback from Instructors and Trainers

“We love this case because it provides information at each major stage and it allows the students to see the developmental progression, and explore the supports and risk factors”

“I really like the format. Nice way to look at the whole situation.”

“I am currently developing an education module for school nurses to increase their awareness of teenage depression and teach them how to use the PHQ-9 as a screening tool.”

“Everyone was really engaged in the discussion. It was fun to hear the discussion again this year with a really different group of fellows!”

Feedback from Participants

“The real-life information presented in this seminar series was incredibly helpful when thinking about the mental health of young people. I appreciated that we focused on one aspect of public health, so we could really dig deep into it. Our discussions were engaging and thought-provoking.”

“Solid case study as a way to discuss depression in pediatric and adolescent populations. Appreciated the interdisciplinary approach.”

“[This module] has been one of the few opportunities where we have been able to have interdisciplinary conversations, where each of us brings to the table their own trainings”.
“Interdisciplinary research is critical to seeing the various players in the lives of young people; great to think about how each profession has a separate role.”

“Very applicable!  These are situations that I encounter in my clinical work regularly.  I found the discussion insightful for how to approach my practice in a new way.”

“[The course discussions] pushed me to think of framework of mental health in a new way.”

Integrating this Case Study into Courses or Trainings

The About Steven case study has being widely used in graduate and undergraduate level courses and many practice settings. It is designed to supplement existing course curricula. Instructors and trainers have used the case effectively by:

How do I get started?

Make sure your computer is ready to access the case study. See Is my computer ready to take the course?

You can then access the case study.

Access the Case

Have questions or comments about this case study? Contact us now.

After you have completed the case study, please complete our evaluation.

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