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ULAA Program Design

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The U-Lead Advisory Academy is a leadership cohort. Our cohorts are designed to bring a group of people together to learn from, and with, each other in an intentional learning experience over an extended period of time. ULAA is organized into four dynamic phases including:

  • Phase 1: EXPERIENCE in-depth leadership education
  • Phase 2: APPLY new concepts and ideas
  • Phase 3: SHARE through synthesis, evaluation and commencement
  • Phase 4: RENEW with the ULAA Community of Practice

Phase 1 of the program is an intensive learning phase. During this phase, you will expand your leadership knowledge and skills to help you work for healthy, livable communities. Your learning will be enhanced through the numerous site visits and speakers highlighting Extension's research, programs and partnerships. Using Community Vitality's Leadership Competency Model as a guide, you'll discover the competencies leaders of today need to tackle today's complex community issues. You will explore areas such as powerful communication, positive psychology, motivation, individual strengths, effective teams, engaging others, navigating conflict and more.

During Phase 2, or apply phase, you will apply what you have learned to your current projects or efforts. It is a time to tap your new networks, test out ideas, and take strategic action with a system of support to help you face the challenges along the way.

During this phase there will be informal learning sessions where participants can gain powerful insights from one another through group coaching and peer learning opportunities. You'll also have access to optional webinars and resources that you can access when your schedule allows.

Phase 3 is all about sharing what you've learned with your fellow participants. You'll come together for a 2-day capstone retreat. There, you will share how you applied the leadership techniques and what worked (and what didn't). You'll also evaluate your leadership journey so far. The retreat will end with a beginning; a commencement to celebrate completing the cohort portion of the program and an invitation to join the passionate ULAA Community of Practice.

In Phase 4, you'll join the ULAA Community of Practice. It is an opportunity to connect with other ULAA alumni leaders and innovators to build capacity for the next evolution of work in Minnesota communities. In the spring of each year, a ULAA alumni retreat will allow you to continue to build your competence, confidence and connections through workshops and networking opportunities.

You will have the opportunity to participate in an international study tour as well. Cultural competency has been named one of the most crucial skills for leaders of today. Travel with fellow participants as you gain valuable experiences and practice your leadership skills in a global context.

The U-Lead Advisory Academy runs on a three-year cycle. New cohorts will begin in the fall of 2014 and 2015. In year three (2016), ULAA alumni will have the opportunity to participate in an international study tour. The cycle will begin again in the fall of 2017 with a new cohort

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