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Changes in your community have an effect on your economy. When something new occurs (or might occur), local leaders want to make informed and proactive decisions. Our impact analysis helps to inform those future plans and understand the present conditions.

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Helping community leaders examine economic change

Economic changes in your community can happen over a long period of time or very quickly. It's not always easy to see how those changes connect to other parts of your economy. Our economic impact analysis program is designed to assist community leaders with the following types of questions.

Questions answered:

  • What is the economic impact of this change on our local, regional, or state economy?
  • What would happen economically if this didn't happen?
  • What would this change contribute to our local, regional, or state economy?
  • What other industries are impacted by this change?
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Futures Workshop and Emergency Economic Impact Analysis

Understanding how industries and households interact can help predict how economic changes will affect your community. Two program offerings are designed to help your community imagine its future.

  • Futures Workshop: Go in-depth exploring how industries in your economy interact and the implications for other industries and households.
  • Emergency Economic Impact Analysis: Explore how a sudden economic change will affect your economy, industries, and households.
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Extension has researched a wide-variety of economic impact topics - from tourism to sports to local foods to veterinarians to historic tax credits. View our publications here.

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Minnesota map

Economic Composition of Greater Minnesota

Greater Minnesota has diverse regional economies. Download regional reports. See your region's strengths. View short webinars. Read more.

Vineyards and Grapes of the North

Vineyards, Grapes, and Wineries of the North

In partnership with the Northern Grapes Project, U of M Extension has quantified the economic impact of grape growers and wineries in 13 northern states. Read the about grape growers. Read about wineries. Read about economic impact.

Photo courtesy of Explore Minnesota Tourism

Economic Contribution of Museums in Minnesota

U of M Tourism Center and Extension researched the economic contributions of museums in Minnesota. Read the report (PDF) and press release. Photo courtesy of Explore Minnesota Tourism

International Falls

Economic Emergency

When economies expect a hit, analysis can help a region prepare. Our Community Economics team ran an impact analysis to contribute context and learning for community decision makers in International Falls. (278 K PDF)

Economic Impact Analysis in the news


Research fellow Ben Winchester describes changes throughout the economic history of rural Minnesota - and new trends, too.

Research fellow Ben Winchester describes changes throughout rural Minnesota's economic history - and new trends, too.

Produced by Lakeland Public Television

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