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Ample feeder space benefits slow growing pigs in nursery phase

Large Litters Require Meticulous Management (pdf)

Be Prepared: Build an Emergency Action Plan:   Emergency Action Plan Tool from NPB & Emergency Action Planning for MN Pork Producers

Pork Magazine article from Dr. Lee Johnston on Pig Handling

Information on Country of Origin Labeling (pdf) (doc)

Watch Your Change of Season Ventilation by Diane Stouffer (pdf)

Culling Sows - Factors to Consider by Dr. John Deen (pdf)

Minimize Heat Stress This Summer by Dr. Luiz Souza (pdf)

Managing Highly Prolific Sows by Dr. Mark Whitney (pdf)

Prepare your swine barns for winter

A Review of Large Group Housing of Grow-Finish Pigs (pdf)

Effect of Corn Particle Size on Various Phases of Production (pdf)

Should we be monitoring water intake in our barns? (pdf)

The Economics of Pig Space in Finishing Facilities (pdf)

Weight Variation – Can It Be Managed?

PIGNET: A Tool for Financial Analysis of Swine Production Networks (MS Excel v7.0 spreadsheet)

Hogs Your Way: Choosing a Hog Production System in the Upper Midwest How to Manage Difficult Farrowings (Purdue University)

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