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References and resources

Brian Loeffler, Helene Murray, Dennis G. Johnson, Earl I. Fuller
Reviewed 2008


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MISA (the Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture) is a unique Partnership between the University of Minnesota's College of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences and the Sustainers' Coalition, a group of individuals and community-based non-profit organizations. MISA brings together the agricultural and University communities to develop and promote sustainable agriculture in Minnesota and beyond. To this end, MISA supports development of interdisciplinary research and education teams. The Sustainable Dairy Team, a MISA-supported team, provided the basis for the work reported in Knee Deep in Grass.

The University of Minnesota Extension, the Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture (MISA) and the USDA Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Program are pleased to provide funding to support the publication of Knee Deep in Grass.

For More information about sustainable agriculture in Minnesota, please contact MISA:
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