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2013 Crop Pest Management Short Course & MCPR Trade Show Proceedings

2013 presentation abstracts (407 KB PDF)

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Tuesday December 10, 2013

MCPR (Minnesota Crop Production Retailers) plenary session

Minnesota agriculture's major challenge—Substantially reduce surface and ground water nutrient loading: Why? How? (3.80 MB PDF)
Dr. Cliff Snyder, International Plant Nutrition Institute

How will Minnesota producers reduce surface and ground water nutrient loading to achieve government agencies' aggressive goals? (2.83 MB PDF)
Warren Formo, MN Ag Water Resource Center (MAWRC)

Wednesday December 11, 2013

General session crop pest management short course

Managing competitive advantage in a global grain market (658 KB PDF)
Dr. Michael J. Swanson, Wells Fargo

Integrated pest management or insurance pest management: What is the reality?(6.25 MB PDF)
Dr. Michael E. Gray, University of Illinois

Severe thunderstorms past and future: Implications for agriculture (4.21 MB PDF)
Dr. Harold Brooks, NOAA/National Severe Storms Laboratory


Dust in the wind: Advances in protecting pollinators during planting season (3.25 MB PDF)
Dr. Christian Krupke, Purdue University

All quiet on the corn rootworm front? Resistance, rotation and insecticides (6.24 MB PDF)
Dr. Ken Ostlie, University of Minnesota

EPA's drift reduction technology program (1.20 MB PDF)
Mr. Jay Ellenberger, U.S. EPA Office of Pesticide Programs

Root diseases—understanding and managing their complexity (5.57 MB PDF)
Dr. Dean Malvick, University of Minnesota


Fungicides in field crops: Where will they be most profitable? (2.81 MB PDF)
Dr. Kiersten Wise, Purdue University

Advancing agronomic management to mitigate drought stress in corn (5.26 MB PDF)
Dr. Jeff Coulter, University of Minnesota

Can yield maps predict future yields? (1.00 MB PDF)
Dr. Joe Lauer, University of Wisconsin

New targets and technologies for scouting insects in soybeans (5.99 MB PDF)
Dr. Robert Koch, University of Minnesota

Thursday December 12, 2013


Is foliar fertilization an effective nutrient management tool? (1.19 MB PDF)
Dr. Antonio P. Mallarino, Iowa State University

Back to reality with nitrogen management (3.72 MB PDF)
Dr. Fabián G. Fernández, University of Minnesota

Realistic expectations on the use of starter fertilizer for corn (2.37 MB PDF)
Dr. Daniel Kaiser, University of Minnesota


Now that the weeds have our attention: Lessons to be learned (4.43 MB PDF)
Dr. Jeff Gunsolus, University of Minnesota

Return of the seedbank: A long-term perspective towards weed management (1.40 MB PDF)
Dr. Bob Hartzler, Iowa State University

Implications for growers when Roundup Ready (RR1) goes off patent (3.17 MB PDF)
Dr. Jim Orf, University of Minnesota


Integrating soybean aphid and soybean cyst nematode management (3.61 MB PDF)
Mr. Michael McCarville, Iowa State University

The reality of farming with soybean cyst nematode: 2014 and beyond (3.15 MB PDF)
Dr. Greg Tylka, Iowa State University

Mite have seen it coming: Neonicotinoid insecticide seed treatments and their impact on non-target organisms (2.02 MB PDF)
Dr. Adrianna Szczepaniec, South Dakota State University


Soybean production research: A national approach (4.98 MB PDF)
Dr. Seth Naeve, University of Minnesota

Nitrogen in Minnesota surface waters: Conditions, sources, trends and reductions (4.64 MB PDF)
Mr. Dave Wall, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Developing high-efficiency agricultural systems: A forever green agriculture initiative (11.51 MB PDF)
Dr. Donald Wyse, University of Minnesota

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